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Sky Is So High[Chapter 2]

Posted in Sky Is So High by hiranprashanth on May 4, 2009

A well deserved sleep to end an eventual day. A sleep to ease all pain. A sleep to ease all insults. A sleep to blank out the frightful present and to call back the amazing past. That was one of those sleeps that you definitely know that your sleeping.

I ached to get back to my childhood days. I still remember the day I set foot in Madras. I prefer calling it Madras rather than Chennai. There are two reasons for it. One, somehow I love the name Madras and two, I strongly feel that calling a city by a different name doesn’t increase your nationalism. I mean, if you wanted to show your nationalism you should have changed the name the day the Britishers left our land and not fifty years later. So it stays Madras to me.

My father, Ragunathan, got a transfer from Trichy and we landed in Madras. I was glad to leave Trichy as I found nothing exciting about the place though my grandparents were not happy about leaving, what they called a divine place.

That was the first time I was travelling out of Trichy and my first train journey too. Our train, Rock Fort Express, finally crawled to Egmore Railway Station and I was happy to end what seemed like a never ending journey.

It was love at the first sight. I was in love with Madras the moment I saw it. I felt that Egmore Station had more population than the whole of Trichy. There were people all around. I buckled myself to my father. A commotion of people fought for the exists.

All of a sudden, we were flocked by men wearing red shirts, whom I later found out from my father that they were porters. After a long duel with one of the plain faced porters, my father finally surrendered and decided to carry the luggages ourselves.

Being a seven year old girl, I didnt have to worry about the luggages. My grandparents were mumbling about the new city and even complained about how cluttered the dust bins were. As for me, I had no complaints and was pleased with new city which was buzzing with activities.We finally managed to reach the the auto stand and hired one to our new home.

The auto driver led us to a place called Alwarpet. He stoppped infront of what seemed like a palace to me. At the beginning, I thought he stopped at the wrong place until my father opened its gate. I still can feel the joy that erupted when my mother announced that it was our new home. My eyes widened. I stood there speechless holding my Barbie.

I had never lived in such a big and beautiful place. The place where we stayed at Trichy didn’t even have a seperate toilet. we had to share it with six other families and some families even had twelve members. Even Emperor Napoleon would have lost the battle with us in capturing the toilet seat on a busy working day.

Our new home smelt and looked divine. It had a garden with large variety of flowers, many of which I had not seen till that day. It had tall coconut tress and a mango tree, which according to my grand father was rare of the rarest. The car shed made me feel rich. Though we didn’t own a car, the very look of it made  me royal, afterall one’s status in the society gets elevated once he owns a car no matter how old it is and even if it was from Hyder Ali’s period.

My grand parents mumbling eased up a bit and I was happy to see my mother’s broad smile. I ran around the whole place feeling the fresh air and loving the world for the first time!

To Be Cont…


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  1. Preethe said, on May 5, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Dei bro!!
    enna da ..
    Alwarpet .. Trichy .. etho sondha kadhaikku masala podara maadiri irukku

    btw .. if you want your readers to keep coming back to your site ..
    1. you shoudl reply to their comments ..
    2. Go to their blog and comment on their post too

    Puriyudha da ..

    apparam ..
    This post is also good ..
    Keep them coming

  2. hiranprashanth said, on May 5, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    Hi akka…..
    sondha kadha ellam illa….
    All Disclaimers applicable….
    Thanks for stopping by my blog…
    ne enna sonnalum panra ka….

  3. Sathish said, on May 25, 2009 at 12:59 am

    enna da politics lan iruku abt chennai [ madras ]
    anyways ur issue is right……….keep it up

  4. Karthik said, on June 19, 2009 at 12:19 pm



  5. sumiee said, on April 18, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    nama irundha De’Monte colony eh gnabaga padithitta…..

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