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The Day He Kissed Her

Posted in Random Ramblings by hiranprashanth on April 17, 2011

The topic might sound romantic, however, the subject I am going to touch is exactly the opposite of it, LUST, or should I call it an animal’s hunger for sex.

Today(17/4/2011) I caught up with my college gang after a long time. We met for a lunch in a fancy “Theme” restaurant in Madras. Theme, I felt, was totally awful and was ridiculously costly for the food & service quality. One thing good about the place is that it keeps your eyes busy rather than your taste buds because it attracts lot of beautiful girls.

So when we came out, our stomach was empty because of the lousy food, pocket burnt because of the ridiculous price and hearts full because we friends met after a long time.

We were having a photo session outside the restaurant and that was the time we met this couple (or triple) who came out of the hotel nearby.

The way the couple was behaving, to tell you the least, was shocking. The initial euphoria of seeing a couple kissing (or making out) in the streets slowly ebbed out when we understood what exactly was happening. I mean how many times you would see a couple kissing in public place in Madras unless you are in Marina or Beasant Nagar beach.

The man was totally on her and was all over her. The man was in his early thirties or late twenties and had blood shot eyes which cleared our doubts that he was drunk and answered his erratic behaviour.

The girl tried her best to avoid him and her efforts bore no fruits. He overpowered her and went for the delicate areas of her body. When she knew that her efforts were useless, she dragged him inside the hotel compound and let only the hotel watchman and receptionist have a look at the proceedings. This all happened in 4 – 5 mins and while the couple was inside, we continued our photo session but were all visibly shaken. The girls with us were disturbed and wanted to leave as quickly and early as possible.

The couple came out again this time with an accomplice. The confederate also had the same blood shot eyes and has a divine look of a rowdy.

This time the images were more disturbing as both men tried to have a fair share of her. Till that moment we had thought them for lovers but the third man confirmed the profession of the woman who was being eaten.

The woman got into an auto and when both the men fought each other for who would sit near her during their journey, the woman turned and gave a look at the stranger who was mutely watching all the proceedings. The stranger was none other than me.

When our eyes locked, it was as if thousand arrows has pierced my heart. It had her apology, inability, anger and lot of other emotions. Apology for what the onlookers had to see. Inability for what she can do nothing about. Anger for the humiliation she had to face and anger on society which had allowed these things happen to her.

Long after she was gone, the last images of the woman in auto refuses to leave my thoughts. Our society has isolated many people but two people who tops the list are sex workers(not prostitutes) and transgenders. Sex workers isolated for their profession and transgenders for a much worse reason, for their birth.

Transgenders, off late, has been accepted for what they are only by a very few set of people but sex workers, in my opinion, will never ever be accepted by our society. Our society feels that they are in this profession by choice but its a sad misconception.

During my college days, I had, rather, a short stint with one of the NGOs in Madras. During my stay with them, I had an opportunity to work with some of the women whom the society calls sex workers. I would call the place my “BODHI” tree because I felt enlightened during my stay.

The experience sharing session I had with them shook my basic understanding of the society. Their experience gave me many sleepless nights.

The sad truth is that they didn’t have any choice other than this. Almost everyone has been pushed into this profession. More shocking is that these women were pushed into this death well by none other than their own fathers, brothers, mothers, uncles. They have been sold by their own blood relatives for a mere piece of paper, I mean, money. I found a girl who was in this profession from a tender age of five. If this is not shocking, what else can be.

These women have already been betrayed by the people they believed and when they desire to return back to the society leaving behind their ugly past, believing that the society will accept them, they are usually in for a rude shock. They are being betrayed again & again. Rejection and betrayal has always been a part of their life and the only permanent thing in their life.

How many of us have tried putting ourselves in their place. I have never and will never try to do that. How many of us have tried to look in to their hearts through their “dirtied” body. We always look at the tarnished body outside but always ignore the heart inside which is aching for love and acceptance.

Leave alone acceptance, the recognition that they are also humans is still missing. We have not accepted them and they have given up our society. In fact we have pushed them to this state.

Betrayal, tarnished image, rejection, insecurity for life is all what they have and nothing else. The solution for this, in my humble opinion, is acceptance and a lending hand. A hand to get them out of the death well and a hand to soothe all the scars and wounds of their life. Treat them as humans and not as animals. Sex workers are not animals but it is rather the men who prey on them are.

The auto drove off to a location known only to the men, for a reason known only to the men and with the woman, whom not only that men will prey on but many others to come.